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Thinking of suicide? Please call 1-866-277-3553 or visit suicide.ca/en

Not feeling so good?

We all feel sad sometimes. But when feeling low, stressed out, worried, depressed, irritable, angry – or even nothing at all – gets to be too much, remember that you have the power to change how you feel. BounceBack® is your personal toolbox for getting better! You select workbooks, activities and videos to create your own self-care journey, or you get phone support from a qualified coach.

Why should you try BounceBack®?

  • it's free
  • it's easy
  • it's motivating
  • it's accessible
  • it works!

  • Not sure if BounceBack® is right for you?

    Take the short mental health quiz or visit the FAQ section! One thing is certain: Everyone deserves to feel good.

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